Wedding Venues


There is a huge amount of choice of venues in Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.  Have you considered all the options?

- pub

- restaurant

- village hall

- local community hall

- hotel

- country house

- marquee

- back garden

- someone else's back garden

Do your research here and online, ask around and also maybe go for a drive.  Do you want to be near family or near where one of you lives? Are you getting married at the venue or in a Church or somewhere else? Do you want people not to have to drive too far?  Have you got your heart set on a certain type of venue? What is your budget?  Does the venue charge a lot of money for drinks?  How much food will you get for your money? Is it cheaper on a Friday?


We are currently collating all our feedback from brides and grooms and will be giving a few recommendations for you to consider.