Music choice

Music is a key part of the wedding - from the ceremony, to the drinks reception to the evening. Your choices are wide and include music on a CD player, an organist, a pianist, a string quartet, a jazz trio, a swing band, a covers band and a disco.  You could even hire a sound system and put a laptop or MP3 player into it.


Music in the day

If you want live music in the day then you can't go far wrong with laid-back jazz and swing as this appeals to all ages and sets a great atmosphere - just be careful not to get a bunch of old blokes (unless that's what you want) or some screechy amateur singer.  You want a relaxed but upbeat atmosphere to keep everyone in the mood.


The Disco

In the evening many people have a disco which could be a DJ (make sure that you give strict instruction what you want played) or increasingly it is your own music put through a sound system - you still need someone to look after it though, just in case something goes wrong or a drunken friend decides to take over the song choice.


The Live Band

Live music creates a great atmosphere (often followed by a disco) and this could be a covers band or something which is more of a feature such as a latin/funk band or a jazz/swing band.  Make sure you hear some sound sample and preferably some video too and take a look at their repetoire. It is also worth asking if they will do the first dance for you.


On a budget

Go for a small band maybe a duo in the day or a trio in the evening.  Hire your own sound system and put an MP3 or laptop through it.


Want the best

Get a quality classical pianist or string quartet for the ceremony, a jazz trio for the drinks reception, a six-piece swing band for the evening followed by a disco.






- have some great bands.

- The Nick Langston Band do a brilliant range of music -

- The Hipcats can do classic and contemporary jazz and swing as a duo or up to a six-piece -


Both bands also include annoyingly talented pianists who can play classical piano if required and both bands have been recommended by a number of couples.